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Bris Avrohom/Cheder Yaldei Menachem Celebrates Primer Graduation/Siddur Party

With gratitude to G-d and with great joy, a Siddur party was held at the Bris Avrohom Center for the 14 children who graduated Primer at Cheder Yaldei Menachem. The children received their first siddur, engraved with their full Hebrew names, with much excitement.


Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky commenced the program with the recitation of Chapter 123 of Tehillim for the well-being of our soldiers and brothers and sisters in Israel, as well as for the safe return of the hostages.


Reb. Shterney Kanelsky, Executive Director of the Cheder, spoke of her joy at seeing the achievements of the children, watching them grow from when they entered the school at the tender age of 18 months to youngsters who can read and pray and express their gratitude to G-d. Reb. Kanelsky also expressed her gratitude to the director of the school, Mrs. Fruma Rosenberg, and to the teachers of the graduating class, Morah Mussie and Morah Pessi.


In her remarks, Reb. Kanelsky also stressed that for the Torah to really penetrate the hearts of the children, they must feel that same love and commitment to Torah and mitzvos when they are home as they do in school.


Parents and grandparents came to shep nachas, as the children sang songs of davening, Tehillim and lines of Tanya which they memorized by heart. A video showcasing the activities and achievements of the children was played.


At the conclusion of the event, each father danced with their child in a touching and joyous moment.


Many of the school’s founders and supported attended the ceremony and Rabbi Kanelsky expressed his gratitude to them on behalf of the entire Cheder.

One of the founders, who was unable to receive a proper Jewish education because he was born in a place where it was forbidden, expressed his sincerest hope that his grandchildren will feel Jewish joy and pride as the graduating students felt that day.

Pic 1- children sitting holding their siddurim
Right side- L-R- Morah Pessi Ives, Mrs. Fruma Rosenberg, Mrs. Mussie Zakheim, Reb. Shterney Kanelsky
Left side- L-R- Rabbi Avremy Kanelsky, Mr. Chaim Cillo, Mr. Danny Kahane, Mr. Lenny Glass, Mr. Vlad German, Mr. Mikhail Kipnis, Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky

Pic 2- Reb. Kanelsky presented a bouquet of flowers to the staff.
L-R- Mrs. Fruma Rosenberg, Mrs. Mussie Zakheim, Reb. Shterney Kanelsky, Mrs. Pessi Ives, Mrs. Roya Panah, school secretary

Pic 3- Fathers and grandfathers dancing with the children

grad 1.jpg
grad 2.jpg
grad 3.jpg

Kinnus Torah During the Days of Sefira

The Lubavitcher Rebbe advised to hold gatherings where speeches on topics related to the time of year are delivered and discussed.

Adhering to this, a kinnus Torah was held at Kollel Levi Yitzchok. The topics were
varied and fascinating. The concept of Pesach Sheini was discussed-whether it is
considered a new holiday or an extension of Pesach; the question of learning secular studies and to what degree was pondered, and the law of not eating a new fruit for the first three years was explained.

The speakers at the Kinnus Torah were Rabbi Berel Lavner, Rabbi Zalman Wisnefsky and Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky. The crowd listened intently as each speaker explored each topic.

Kollel Levi Yitzchok is a project of Bris Avrohom, where men gather on Thursday
evenings to sit and learn and enjoy light refreshments.

For more information about Kollel Levi Yitzchok and other projects of Bris Avrohom please contact 908-289-0770 or visit the website

KT 1.jpg
KT 2.jpg

Twin Bar Mitzvah at Bris Avrohom

Meilach and Eitan Murkis, twin boys whose parents are from the former Soviet Union, had the privilege to prepare for their Bar Mitzvah under the tutelage of Rabbi Baruch Lepkivker. Bris Avrohom conducts classes for children from the former Soviet Union as well as for unaffiliated children.


On the day of their Bar Mitzvah, the boys were called up the the Torah at the Bris Avrohom Shul. In appreciation for all that was done for them in preparation of their big day, and for the support of the soldiers in Israel, the two boys heroically undertook to don tefillin daily.


Their parents, visibly emotional and full of pride, expressed their hopes that through their sons’ new commitment, and in the spirit of the Bar Mitzvah, they will see Jewish nachas from these children for generations to come.


For more information regarding Bris Avrohom activities and events please contact our office at 908-289-0770 or


Photo: L-R- Rabbi BaruchLepkivker, the two Bar Mitzvah boys, the older brother who had Bar Mitzvah at Bris Avrohom 2 years ago, Mr. Murkis, Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky

BM pic.jpg

5,000 Boxes of Matzos Distributed

Bris Avrohom Matzoh Distribution_8,5 x 11_ Bergen_05.09.24__1__NK-1.png

Siyum HaRambam- Conclusion of a Cycle of the Rambam at Bris Avrohom

In honor of the 40 th anniversary since the Lubavitcher Rebbe introduced the learning of Rambam daily, a conclusion of a cycle was held at Bris Avrohom. Individuals who study Rambam daily, whether three chapters, one chapter or the Sefer Hamitzvos, participated in the uplifting siyum.

Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky made a siyum and shared what the Rebbe had said when introducing the concept of the daily study; how each person fulfills his obligation to do mitzvos through studying Torah.

Rabbi Avremy Kanelsky and the committee of Kollel Levi Yitzchok, headed by Mr. Aryeh Lavner, prepared a beautiful dinner in honor of the siyum. Stories and singing followed for many hours.


Photo- Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky and Rabbi Avremy Kanelsky sit with crowd at the siyum


Matzos from Israel for CETT Hebrew School in Fair Lawn

On Sunday, April 7, CETT Hebrew School of Bris Avrohom of Fair Lawn distributed hand-made shmurah matzos from Israel to the children of the school.

The staff went through all the Seder customs with the children and each child received a box of 3 shmurah matzos from Rabbi Mendel and Elke Zaltzman, directors of the school. As an annual tradition, elected officials from Bergen County attended the event to show solidarity with the children, and particularly this year, with Israel. Proclamations discussing education and Israel were presented.

Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky expressed gratitude to all the elected officials for taking from their time to come and show their solidarity.

Each elected official also received a box of matzos and had the opportunity to sell chametz and don tefillin.

Pic 1- children and staff of CETT. Back row- elected officials, far right- Rabbi Mendel Zaltzman, Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky, Mr. Moshe Kinderlehrer, editor of Jewish Link, Mr. Dennis Gralla, board member of Bris Avrohom, extreme right- Mrs. Elke Zaltzman

Pic 2- elected official with Bris Avrohom staff

Pic 3- L-R Rabbi Mendel Zaltzman, Mrs. Lisa Swain- Assemblywoman of District 38, Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky. Lisa Swain holding the matzo and Rabbi Kanelsky holding the proclamation signed by the Senate and the Assembly

CETT 1.jpg
CETT 2.jpg
CETT 3.jpg

Bris Avrohom Spreading Torah in Jersey City

Bris Avrohom of Jersey City, under the leadership of Rabbi Baruch Lepkivker, hosts many Torah classes in the area. Particularly popular are the classes at Mana Contemporary and Moishe’s Moving. There, people come together to hear the portion of the week, celebrate Jewish holidays, don tefillin, and enjoy Q &A sessions where the floor is open to questions on any topic regarding Torah and mitzvos. No matter the affiliation or background, the soul of each Jew is connected to its core- G-d and His Torah. This is apparent by the thirst for Torah knowledge of the attendees.

Many of the attendees are former soldiers of the IDF. As such, they feel a deep connection to the current situation in Israel, and they each want to do something on behalf of the soldiers. Therefore, throughout the classes, much of the focus revolves around what each individual can do for our brethren in Israel. 


For more information on Bris Avrohom activities in Jersey City, please contact Rabbi Baruch Lepkivker at 908-289-0770.

Spreading Torah in Jersey City (1).jpg
Spreading Torah in Jersey City (2).jpg

Safety for Jewish Children

As mid-winter vacation begins for most schools in the area, Bris Avrohom, in conjunction with Cheder Yaldei Menachem, invited the Hillside Fire Department to come speak to the school children on the topic of safety. Members of the local fire department came to the Cheder, including the Fire Captain, Mr. Abreu Ivan. Being that the children will spend the next week or so at home, they were taught how to keep safe, and if anything should happen, G-d forbid, what they should do.

Photo: On the front lawn of Cheder Yaldei Menachem

Members of the fire department, The Kanelsky’s, staff of the Cheder and children of the Cheder and from the community

Safety for Jewish Children.jpg

Inauguration of Hudson County Executive

The inauguration of Mr. Craig Guy as Hudson County Executive took place earlier this month. Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky was invited to the inauguration to give a blessing to the new County Executive. Rabbi Kanelsky blessed him with success in all his endeavors and to have the ability to lead in good health with faith of G-d. He concluded with the following blessing: May G-d bless
you and guard you; May G-d shine his countenance upon you and be gracious to you; May G-d
shine his countenance toward you and grant you peace.

Inauguration of Hudson County Executives (2).jpg
Inauguration of Hudson County Executives (1).jpg
Inauguration of Hudson County Executive (3).jpg

2024 1st Invocation in The Senate

The opening session in the New Jersey Senate, upon the commencement of the new year, took place yesterday. Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky was invited by Nicholas Scutari, President of the Senate, to give the invocation.

Rabbi Kanelsky reflected upon the horrific occurrences that Israel has been facing since October. He proposed ideas to help the devastation and to prevent such evil. He announced to the lawmakers gathered, that all should designate a time daily to praise and thank G-d, ideally in the morning. When there is belief and appreciation for G-d, the whole society Iives in a different spirit. He then demonstrated by pulling out a US dollar bill, that the only currency in the world that has the declaration “In G-d we trust” is that of the US.  At that moment he took the dollar and placed it in the charity box before all the senators, indicating the importance of giving to charity. He also strongly stated the importance of for each person to follow the 7 Naoh’s Laws.

He concluded, with a message to the lawmakers that they should be blessed by G-d with health and good cheer and reminded them that the takeaway from this must be to live with belief in G-d, to regularly give charity, and to implement the 7 Noah’s Law as routine in the state of New Jersey.



Rabbi Kanelsky Speaks in Senatewith the Charity box in front of him and the president of the senate Nicholas Scutari right behind him.



All stand, as Rabbi Kanelsky delivers the invocation in Senate.

Senate Invocation 1.jpg
Senate Invocation 4.jpg
Senate Invocation 2.jpg
Senate Invocation 3.jpg
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