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About Us

Bris Avrohom

Founded in 1979, Bris Avrohom has continuously seen to the needs of Russian Jewish Immigrants. Every need - from finding a home and a performing a bris or bar Mitzvah ...or a Jewish Wedding to improving the spiritual and educational interests of the Russian Jewish community is taken care through Bris Avrohom.
Bris Avrohom, is the name of our organization, so chosen by the Lubavitcher Rebbe because it means "The Covenant of Abraham". Avrohom Avinu, our first forefather, was the first Jew to make a bris. Bris Avrohom has touched the lives of over 35,000 people by enriching their outlook towards Yiddishkeit and by acquainting them with their 3,300-year-young Jewish heritage and traditions.  Through providing brissim, bar mitzvahs, weddings and education for young and old, we are ensuring Jewish vibrancy and continuity.
With headquarters in Hillside, NJ, there are three Bris Avrohom centers in New Jersey,(Hillside,Jersey City, Fair lawn) where there are daily minyanim; classes; holiday celebrations; programs and activities for all age groups. In addition, there are centers in Brooklyn, NY;  and Zhitomer, Ukraine. Bris Avrohom is open to all Jews from any walk of life and all levels of Jewish knowledge. We will help you find your comfort level.
Whether it is a holiday gathering, education for children or spiritual advice, your source is the BrisAvrohom Center.  Due to our unique position and the role we play in the lives of new Americans, we have been successful in instilling a deep sense of Jewish awareness.  Moreover, we teach mitzvos, one at a time. One never knows which one will tip the scale. Every additional mitzvah that each one of us does brings Moshiach that much closer!
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